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About Miami Gardens Montessori

Welcome to Miami Gardens Montessori. We are delighted that you have stopped by to learn more about our wonderful school.

The beauty of Montessori is that it is the right “fit” for a wide array of personalities, temperaments, and learning styles. All children find joy in learning in an atmosphere of both cooperation and respect. The Montessori method works for families with a range of learning expectations. At our school the teachers and parents work together, between home and school, to help the children learn and develop to their full potential.


Here at Miami Gardens Montessori we provide a challenging academic environment and frequent opportunities for hands-on experience. Our school is a diverse, supportive community that values mutual respect. With small class sizes and individual attention, our students develop independent thinking, resourceful problem-solving, and a lifelong love of learning. Our students learn through cooking, gardening, music, art, and Spanish with math, reading, writing, history, botany, zoology, physical science, and geography. They do so at their own pace and through dynamic academic experiences. Contact us today to learn more about Miami Gardens Montessori difference.


Our Philosophy:

We believe that children, their families and society all benefit from a solid educational foundation in the child’s early years; and there is a critical link between their childhood experiences and later successes in life. Our teachers and staff encourage the children to develop their individual interests and strength’s through the purposeful utilization of diverse materials, experiences and environments. We strive to integrate families and the community into our activities to fully engage all facets of childhood learning using the philosophies of the Montessori curriculum.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to inspire a global movement in education. Our goal is to provide the foundation children need to expand into the world, with practices, tools and support to develop their greatest potential. We achieve our vision through exploration, independent thinking and learning within an imaginative and dynamic environment that awakens the thirst for knowledge.



Miami Gardens Montessori is committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment where the child’s potential can be fully reached. We achieve this by fulfilling not only the child’s basic needs, but also offering them a place where children can learn to love learning.


Our Ultimate Goals Are:

Miami Gardens Montessori programs foster active learning, support for the whole child in a child friendly environment. Our goal is to achieve the following:


* For the children to feel safe and loved while at school
* Embrace team work
* Promote and foster a love of learning
* Strive for excellence in everything we do!
* For the parents to have full confidence in the care and education of their children
* To instill confidence in the children in order to promote independent learning
* For the children to be well-prepared for later schooling
* For the children to positively contribute to their communities as youth and as adults






All of our programs fully embrace the Montessori method of teaching which includes an emphasis on self-directed learning, mixed age group classrooms and building independence & confidence.


Our priority is for our children to be safe, happy, self-motivated, and excited about learning in a secure environment


All of our staff have a passion for ensuring quality education and are dedicated to their own personal and professional growth


Attention to detail and thorough planning from our teachers is key to providing quality over quantity

Mrs C. Small