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Primary Classes – 3 Years to 6 Years


“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.” Dr. Maria Montessori





The Primary Montessori classrooms are for children ages 3 years to 6 years, is a place to grow and explore freely. Children choose their work from self-correcting materials displayed on open shelves, and they work in specific work areas. Over a period of time, the children develop into a “normalized community,” working with high concentration and few interruptions. Normalization is the process whereby a child moves from being undisciplined to self-disciplined, from disordered to ordered, from distracted to focused, through work in the environment. The process occurs through repeated work with materials that captivate the child’s attention. For some children this inner change may take place quite suddenly, leading to deep concentration.


In the Montessori preschool, academic competency is a means to an end, and the manipulatives are viewed as “materials for development. The environment unifies the psycho-social, physical, and academic functioning of the child. Its important task is to provide students with an early and general foundation that includes a positive attitude toward school, inner security and a sense of order, pride in the physical environment, abiding curiosity, a habit of concentration, habits of initiative and persistence, the ability to make decisions, self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility to other members of the class, school, and community.



Our classrooms are prepared with the child, and only the child, in mind. The physical space and routines are designed to maximize independent learning and exploration. Objects are placed so children can reach what they need, without having to wait for adult help. 

Dr. Montessori noticed that children learn less from listening to an adult talk, and more from direct experience with objects in their environment. Children have a deep urge to need to manipulate and explore. Montessori developed learning materials to stimulate the child into discovery. Each Montessori material is simple and carefully designed to appeal to the child at this stage of development. The prepared environment focuses on the child and in this space, only things that will assist the child’s development and encourage spontaneous activity will be present. The daily practice of Montessori philosophy is made possible by a clearly defined Montessori curriculum. The Montessori curriculum includes practical life, sensorial activities, language, mathematics, botany, geography, art, music, drama, and environmental studies. Click here for primary Classes – 3 Years to 6 Years Daily Schedule